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From more than 40 years in the world of transport

The Romano family began transport activity in the 1970s with the company founded by Mr. Vincenzo Romano. The transport activity began as a supplier of the Alfa Romeo of Pomigliano and following the acquisition of Fiat it became a supplier of the Fiat group (Stellantis) and I-FAST currently. In 2002, with the generational changeover, the diversification of transport services started, transport of goods was added to the transport of vehicles. The sons of Mr. Vincenzo, Rosa, Anna, Sabato, Domenica and the husband of Rosa Michele have taken over the reins of the company, guiding it towards new challenges. In 2012, TR Trasporti srl was founded as a further managerial and professional step, to face the challenges that the globalized market poses for today's companies.

Today TR Trasporti srl is a reliable, dynamic and flexible partner for car logistics (transport, storage and vehicle preparation services), for freight transport (traction and groupage), for intermodal transport.

Performance indicators

- Foundation:2012
- Employees: 30
- Turnover: Euro 5 Ml. (year 2018)
- Shipments: 40.000
- Storage area: 20.000 mq

Environmental policy

We work to reduce:
- Co2 emissions
- Energy consumption
- Water consumption
- The consumption of raw materials
- Waste production
- Noise pollution